london bebe

Cashmere blend jumper, Manchester pants, Patent leather sneakers
everything H&M
Traveling in style calls for an impeccable mix of comfortable and classic pieces - something you can spill half bad airplane marinara sauce on without getting too bad of a stain and still being able to show up at your 4-star hotel with your honor mostly intact in! Um. Yea. It's a very specific mix obviously.
In a week and a half I'll be heading over to the Great Britain for the weekend, so of course I had to purchase some special gear for the trip. This - and a black tricot, non crease-proof(big, big plus when travelling small) wrap skirt along with a lyocell v-neck tee. Hopefully I'll get it before, H&M usually is as much of a time optimist as I am...

round and round and away we go, four by four and away we go, high not low and away we go

Lately, printed shirts has been on my mind. I think I tried on like thirty pieces today, but the thing is it needs to be the PERFECT fit. And not have a text that include a big city name(the last "Hatérs" barely made it). I'd like to pair them with printed, tight fitted scuba-pants(these preferably)(I might just have ordered them) and my vintage, brown Riverland-boots. Perfect amount of lazy and almost-almost-passing-for-Isabel-Marant(I wish!).
First two from Monki, next three Gina Tricot and the last one from BikBok.

love, money, party, after that right now what about the real and the way you feel?

I can still recall(our last summer, I still see it aaaaall) the last time I went nuts when BikBok had a half-the-price-off-of-EVERYTHING sale... I remember getting a satin kimono and some leather shorts, and, well, after that it's all pretty much a blurr. So much shopping. So many clothes. 
Anyway - celebrating 40 years, BikBok is giving us 40% off the entire range for both Friday and Saturday, online and in stores! I was there the minute I finished school, which was about thirty minutes after opening and lemme tell you you have NOT I repeat NOT known fear until you've fought off a thirteen-year-old over a wool jacket at half-price(ok almost, 40%, whatever, you get it)-day. In the end I left - battered and bruised - with a beautiful t-shirt from the MK & Ash-collection, some killer second skin jeans, a pair of high heeled, pointed suede booties(which were on sale for crazzzzy 49 SEK, about 7,5$, they were absolutely gorgeous), the Amber Apple scented candle(orgasmic. Like apple pie and autumn and cinnamon and Espresso House chai latte had a baby. I couldn't resist despite my already alarmingly big collection of candles.), a scarf, and some basic beige hairbands and hairpins.
...That I feel embarrassingly excited about, oh the luxurious feeling of wearing elastic bands similiar to your own haircolor...
Have you gotten anything? I'm going in again tomorrow with a friend and I'll TRY to keep my fingers in check, but guys, I'm not making any promises.(I DO need some new party clothes...) 
Let me know what you bought if you've gotten anything!

moi je joue

This Halloween I'll be going out with some friends clubbing. I love Halloween, it clocks in right after Christmas as my favorite holliday ever!
I celebrated last weekend, like the tradition offers, with family and friends at their old mansion, and let me tell you these people go ALL IN. Tomatogazpacho served from inside a ragged doll? Oh yes. Marinated cauliflower resembling preserved brains? Yum. Dried brown leaves spread through out the entire house? Check.
...You can see why growing up with this leaves its marks. My family did a super-cheesy dress up as "presents". (God I love my family, they're insanely quirky and funny.) But this weekend I figure a big box isn't ideal for dancing and making your way to the bar, so after some thinking I believe I've settled on Brigitte Bardot. Yes, one of the most gorgeous women to ever live might seem ambitious, but I'll take any excuse to pretend to be French! What'll you be going as?

h&m fave w 43

This look is perfect on so many levels. 
Today H&M got their usual load of news, and there are sooooooooooo many pretty things!! I'm kind of head over heels for this mix of stripes, but 499:- for 10% wool? No. I'm stingy like that. But man do I need to find the cheap-woman's-version. The colors are gorgeous!
...Also. This coat. Let's not even go there, just make a pact with me not to buy it so I can get it on sale. Thanks.
P.S - You'd be bored dead if I showed you ALL my favorites, but here's a few selected pieces:
1. I think I'm going through backwards-puberty. A Barbie-pink tote with childish prints is suddenly a necessity. 2. We all know about my triangle-bra obsession. So perfect. 3. High MC-boots? Well, OK, if you insist. 4. Sailor Moon-ish reminding ring.

mini skirts & revelations

BikBok(right now 30% off), Gina Tricot, and H&M

Some happenings are things we should just accept as unexplainable phenomenons. The creation of the universe. How some people can eat McDonald's every day without getting fat. The fact that I, after 18 years in baggy pants and oversized tees, finally is turning towards miniskirts and tights. It's just the course a higher purpose is guiding us towards you know. Miniskirts and revelations.
Although, I might actually have an answer/a theory about it. The last one that is. I'll always stare in a Messiah-is-here kinda way at skinny regulars at McD's. Damn you metabolism distributing Godly pinwheel. Damn you.
So mini skirts it is - lo and behold:
Clueless #movies #comedy #90s #nineties #90smovie #teenmovie
Clueless.  Pretty dated now.  If you watch it today, every line seems ultra staged and false.  But I do like the outfits.  I would wear this, only in pink, not yellow.
My absolute faveourite movie. #cher #clueless #fashion #nineties #1990s #matching
...Clueless! Of course.
I've talked to you about it before but dang I suddenly want to be named after a famous singer of the past who now does infomercials. Plaid mini skirts have never felt more right and, well, mini skirts over all has just become a staple of my wardrobe lately along with a quickly escalating number of different dens tights. Woops...?
Latest addition to my skirt collection is a high waisted little number in silver metallic I found at the H&M sale. It's gorgeously unappropriate to wear with everyday designer button down shirts and MC-boots or sling backs. Oh yes.
P.S - Brittany Murphy might just be the most beautiful woman that ever lived.
(I couldn't find my actual skirt online, but this jacquard one isn't half bad either. Also on sale. You're welcome.)

stella mesh bikini

I thought I had completely surrendered to my darker, no-wire-triangle-bra-craving side by now, but seeing this mesh overlay bikini by Stella makes me question everything. Specifically the "no bun show" rule I've always stuck to. Hmmm. Might be too daring, even for me. But still, it's not like it shows that much more than you're already seeing?! Is this a total no-no or is it just revolutionary in the see through genre?
By the way - it's on sale for a crazy small amount of dollars, if you buy it and go forth to challenge the reign of non-showing buns, please let me know!

Jag trodde att jag hade kapitulerat helt till min mörka, ingen-bygel-triangel-BH-krävande sida nu för tiden, men efter att ha sett den här mesh överdragna bikinin av Stella får mig att ifrågasätta alltihop. Speciellt "inte visa rumpan" regeln jag levt efter. Hmmm. Det kanske är för vågat, till och med för mig. Men ändå, det är inte som om du visar särskilt mycket mer än man redan ser?! Är det här ett totalt mega-NEJ eller är det bara revolutionärt inom see through genren?
Förresten - just nu är den på rea för en löjlig summa, om du köper den och utmanar styrandet av inga visade rumpor, låt mig veta!

demonic alex


Goth-inspired shoes has simply been feeling right to me lately. Like all this fall/winter really need is a pair of over-the-top, sky-high, hide-your-sons-looking boots and a couple of well selected t-shirts along with some denim and oversized knitts. It works great with this minimalistic school girl-ish outfit, too. I like to believe that this is the everyday equivalent of Dorothy's ruby red heels - no matter what you wear, these babies will bring it all home.
Or maybe I'm just going crazy, you know, what ever.
Also, how much do I need this Joya perfume? Juniper Berries, silken Lotus Blossom, Yuzu... Should I consider this essential for my future existence or am I just telling myself that?

Goth-inspirerade skor har känts så rätt för mig på sistone. Som att allt den här hösten/vintern behöver är ett par over-the-top, skyhöga, göm-era-söner-liknande boots och ett par väl utvalda t-shirt tillsammans med denim och oversizeade stickade plagg. Det funkar bra med den här minimalistiska skolflicka(-ish) outfiten också. Jag gillar att tänka att det här är varje dag versionen av Dorothy's rubinröda klackar - det spelar ingen roll vad du klär på dig, de här godingarna tar hem alltihopa.
Eller är det bara jag som börjar bli galen, ni vet, skitsamma.
Också, hur mycket behöver jag den här perfymen från Joya? Enbär, silkes Lotus, Yuzu... Är den nödvändig för min fortsatta existens eller är det bara jag som intalar mig själv det?