london bebe

Cashmere blend jumper, Manchester pants, Patent leather sneakers
everything H&M
Traveling in style calls for an impeccable mix of comfortable and classic pieces - something you can spill half bad airplane marinara sauce on without getting too bad of a stain and still being able to show up at your 4-star hotel with your honor mostly intact in! Um. Yea. It's a very specific mix obviously.
In a week and a half I'll be heading over to the Great Britain for the weekend, so of course I had to purchase some special gear for the trip. This - and a black tricot, non crease-proof(big, big plus when travelling small) wrap skirt along with a lyocell v-neck tee. Hopefully I'll get it before, H&M usually is as much of a time optimist as I am...

mary kate and ashley for bikbok, earmuffs

Released today; Earmuffs, MK & A Olsen for BikBok, Collection 02

Gravitating towards preppy things lately, I knew the earmuffs from Mk & Ash's second BikBok-collection were a must. They're so large, so fluffy, so everything-you-could-ever-wish-for-in-earmuffs. Honestly, I hadn't given earmuffs a second thought since I was six and had a bad experience with a pair of foldable ones before this collection, but I feel that I'm ready to forgive and forget now.
They're perfect on those rare days my hair is behaving the way I want it to, so there's no need to kill it with a knitted cap(God bless those too, though). Also, they're cheap! 99 SEK, 10 euros, or about 15 dollars. Pretty good, huh?
pic source bikbok.com

check check check

Cropped knitted top? Check. Dark heather gray wrap skirt? Double check.
I've been on the look out for a suitable option to go with everything high waisted I own - somehow nothing in my wardrobe was up to task, and thus began the two day hunt.(I freaked out yesterday ten minutes before I was heading over to some friends, ended up with jeans and a tee, pure outfit-battlefield-scar)

I've been checking this knitt out before in white and navy, but habit made me try on one or two sizes bigger than my actual size. This is a size XS and I've learned a valueable lesson; not EVERYTHING is designed for you to buy oversize. Huh. Who would've figured. I still love how in reality it's pretty sleek and narrow over the shoulders despite the drop seem, and overall just the perfect amount of cropped nakedness-feel and chunky hideaway piece without the drown in it factor. Such a perfect fit. This picture doesn't do it justice one bit. Damn.
The wrap skirt is also gorgeous, this one was wrongly stitched in the side but I got a good one. Don't you worry children.

Shop the look:
(I couldn't find the actual knitt online but this one from H&M is a pretty acceptable replacement.)

jimmy choo x h&m

...Ever felt some snakeskin/star stud/crystal/point toe/low cut perfection signed Jimmy Choo missing in your life? Well, now you do.

När Jimmy Choo's kollektion för H&M släpptes 2009 var jag fortfarande i Stallet.se-fasen och hade aldrig hört talas om blogg(okej, jag hade några kompisar som läste Kissies och Kenzas), och även om detta kan vara ungefär det år då jag tog steget från den vanliga hoodie-och-jeans utstyrseln, fanns ett par skor som dessa inte ens på kartan. 
Thank God för Tradera då, eller hur? Jag har hört folk klaga över hur obekväma de här bootsen är, men OMG det är som om små baby änglar kysser mina fötter. Ni kommer få se alldeles för mycket av dem i fortsättningen.