love, money, party, after that right now what about the real and the way you feel?

I can still recall(our last summer, I still see it aaaaall) the last time I went nuts when BikBok had a half-the-price-off-of-EVERYTHING sale... I remember getting a satin kimono and some leather shorts, and, well, after that it's all pretty much a blurr. So much shopping. So many clothes. 
Anyway - celebrating 40 years, BikBok is giving us 40% off the entire range for both Friday and Saturday, online and in stores! I was there the minute I finished school, which was about thirty minutes after opening and lemme tell you you have NOT I repeat NOT known fear until you've fought off a thirteen-year-old over a wool jacket at half-price(ok almost, 40%, whatever, you get it)-day. In the end I left - battered and bruised - with a beautiful t-shirt from the MK & Ash-collection, some killer second skin jeans, a pair of high heeled, pointed suede booties(which were on sale for crazzzzy 49 SEK, about 7,5$, they were absolutely gorgeous), the Amber Apple scented candle(orgasmic. Like apple pie and autumn and cinnamon and Espresso House chai latte had a baby. I couldn't resist despite my already alarmingly big collection of candles.), a scarf, and some basic beige hairbands and hairpins.
...That I feel embarrassingly excited about, oh the luxurious feeling of wearing elastic bands similiar to your own haircolor...
Have you gotten anything? I'm going in again tomorrow with a friend and I'll TRY to keep my fingers in check, but guys, I'm not making any promises.(I DO need some new party clothes...) 
Let me know what you bought if you've gotten anything!

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