h&m fave w 43

This look is perfect on so many levels. 
Today H&M got their usual load of news, and there are sooooooooooo many pretty things!! I'm kind of head over heels for this mix of stripes, but 499:- for 10% wool? No. I'm stingy like that. But man do I need to find the cheap-woman's-version. The colors are gorgeous!
...Also. This coat. Let's not even go there, just make a pact with me not to buy it so I can get it on sale. Thanks.
P.S - You'd be bored dead if I showed you ALL my favorites, but here's a few selected pieces:
1. I think I'm going through backwards-puberty. A Barbie-pink tote with childish prints is suddenly a necessity. 2. We all know about my triangle-bra obsession. So perfect. 3. High MC-boots? Well, OK, if you insist. 4. Sailor Moon-ish reminding ring.

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