london bebe

Cashmere blend jumper, Manchester pants, Patent leather sneakers
everything H&M
Traveling in style calls for an impeccable mix of comfortable and classic pieces - something you can spill half bad airplane marinara sauce on without getting too bad of a stain and still being able to show up at your 4-star hotel with your honor mostly intact in! Um. Yea. It's a very specific mix obviously.
In a week and a half I'll be heading over to the Great Britain for the weekend, so of course I had to purchase some special gear for the trip. This - and a black tricot, non crease-proof(big, big plus when travelling small) wrap skirt along with a lyocell v-neck tee. Hopefully I'll get it before, H&M usually is as much of a time optimist as I am...

mb week 43

I. Wang  II. Pointed wedge  III. 5 inch and up  IV. Happy cat-o-ween?  V. Vegan grapefruit sandwich
VI. Scandinavian braiding  VII. Quoted Ray Bradbury  VIII. Cosy  IX. Vorfreude  X. Dream Team 4ever 
XI. xxx Frida Kahlo

mini skirts & revelations

BikBok(right now 30% off), Gina Tricot, and H&M

Some happenings are things we should just accept as unexplainable phenomenons. The creation of the universe. How some people can eat McDonald's every day without getting fat. The fact that I, after 18 years in baggy pants and oversized tees, finally is turning towards miniskirts and tights. It's just the course a higher purpose is guiding us towards you know. Miniskirts and revelations.
Although, I might actually have an answer/a theory about it. The last one that is. I'll always stare in a Messiah-is-here kinda way at skinny regulars at McD's. Damn you metabolism distributing Godly pinwheel. Damn you.
So mini skirts it is - lo and behold:
Clueless #movies #comedy #90s #nineties #90smovie #teenmovie
Clueless.  Pretty dated now.  If you watch it today, every line seems ultra staged and false.  But I do like the outfits.  I would wear this, only in pink, not yellow.
My absolute faveourite movie. #cher #clueless #fashion #nineties #1990s #matching
...Clueless! Of course.
I've talked to you about it before but dang I suddenly want to be named after a famous singer of the past who now does infomercials. Plaid mini skirts have never felt more right and, well, mini skirts over all has just become a staple of my wardrobe lately along with a quickly escalating number of different dens tights. Woops...?
Latest addition to my skirt collection is a high waisted little number in silver metallic I found at the H&M sale. It's gorgeously unappropriate to wear with everyday designer button down shirts and MC-boots or sling backs. Oh yes.
P.S - Brittany Murphy might just be the most beautiful woman that ever lived.
(I couldn't find my actual skirt online, but this jacquard one isn't half bad either. Also on sale. You're welcome.)

moodboarding w 40


Things that inspired me the past week.

I – Embroidered back

II – Blood Milk “Belonging to the Underworld” rings

III – Cherry tomato grilled skewers

IV – Wisdom

V – Very Bardot meets Travolta

VI – Gummy bearskin rug

VII – Noria Parisiana by Karraka

VIII – Button up short sleeved leather cardi

IX – Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Spring 2014

X - Art

XI – Stone Prong Studs

barbara bui pre fall 2013

Things I'm totally very much in love with about this:
1. The all pink/nude-ish outfits in different materials such as leather, silk and suede.
2. Relaxed oversized leather dresses along with pointy, dainty ankle boots.
3. Beautiful necklines.
4. Mixing brown and black(I'll be doing this alot so watch out).
5. Rectangularly quilted and stiff leather.
6. Smudg-y red lips.
7. All of the shoes.(need. now.)
8. The here-and-there dabs of pale mustard yellow.
I'm actually pretty surprised about the lack of attention given Barbara Bui's pre fall collection this year. No really surprised actually. With the relatively clean cuts and masculine influences along with the colors (or absence of, maybe) I figured this would be a total hit with the Scandinavian blogs I'm reading! Huh. Surprise surprise.
So many of these pieces are my idea of the perfect 'complicated basic'/basic with a twist that would be so great to layer. That's another thing I love about this collection - its' ability to appear all thousand-layers-à-la-Mary-Kate-and-Ashley but in reality only being a few, selected, special items. Hmmm think that pretty much changed my view upon layering forever.
P.S - I now want to color my hair dark brown.

Saker jag älskar med den här kollektionen:
1. De helt rosa/nude-aktiga outfitsen i olika material så som läder, silke och mocka.
2. Avslappnat oversizeade skinnklänningar tillsammans med spetsiga, nätta ankelboots.
3. Vackra urringningar. 
4. Mixandet av brunt och svart(jag kommer göra det här en del så se upp).
5. Rektangulär kviltning och styvt läder.
6. Utsuddade röda läppar.
7. Alla skor.(måste ha. nu.)
8. Den infällda bleka senapsgula nyansen här och där.
Jag är faktiskt ganska överraskad över bristen på uppmärksamhet Barbara Buis pre fall kollektion fick i år. Nej, väldigt överraskad faktiskt. Med de relativt rena skärningarna och de maskulina influenserna tillsammans med färgerna (eller bristen på dem kanske) trodde jag det skulle bli en total hit med de Skandinaviska bloggarna jag läser! Huh. Surprise surprise.
Många av plaggen i den här kollektionen är min idé om de perfekta 'komplicerade basicsen'/basics med en tvist som skulle göra sig så bra i lager. Det är ännu en sak jag älskar med den här kollektionen - hur den framstår som tusen-lager-à-la-Mary-Kate-and-Ashley men egentligen bara är ett par väl utvalda speciella plagg. Hmm, det här förändrar i princip hela min syn på layering för alltid.
PS - Nu vill jag färga håret mörkbrunt.

ph. courtesy of barbara bui


Because K Moss and daisies are always relevant.
Let's take a moment to guess how many fashionbloggers we'll be seeing sporting the captain's cap, oversized poloshirts and messy braids this fall? (Dibs on 'plenty')
Get the look bellow!

För att K Moss och prästkragar är alltid relevanta.
Ska vi ta ett ögonblick och gissa hur många modebloggare vi kommer se med skepparmössa, oversizeade polotröjor och slarviga flätor i höst? (Pax för 'många')
Shoppa looken nedanför!