mb week 43

I. Wang  II. Pointed wedge  III. 5 inch and up  IV. Happy cat-o-ween?  V. Vegan grapefruit sandwich
VI. Scandinavian braiding  VII. Quoted Ray Bradbury  VIII. Cosy  IX. Vorfreude  X. Dream Team 4ever 
XI. xxx Frida Kahlo

moodboarding w 40


Things that inspired me the past week.

I – Embroidered back

II – Blood Milk “Belonging to the Underworld” rings

III – Cherry tomato grilled skewers

IV – Wisdom

V – Very Bardot meets Travolta

VI – Gummy bearskin rug

VII – Noria Parisiana by Karraka

VIII – Button up short sleeved leather cardi

IX – Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Spring 2014

X - Art

XI – Stone Prong Studs