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Some happenings are things we should just accept as unexplainable phenomenons. The creation of the universe. How some people can eat McDonald's every day without getting fat. The fact that I, after 18 years in baggy pants and oversized tees, finally is turning towards miniskirts and tights. It's just the course a higher purpose is guiding us towards you know. Miniskirts and revelations.
Although, I might actually have an answer/a theory about it. The last one that is. I'll always stare in a Messiah-is-here kinda way at skinny regulars at McD's. Damn you metabolism distributing Godly pinwheel. Damn you.
So mini skirts it is - lo and behold:
Clueless #movies #comedy #90s #nineties #90smovie #teenmovie
Clueless.  Pretty dated now.  If you watch it today, every line seems ultra staged and false.  But I do like the outfits.  I would wear this, only in pink, not yellow.
My absolute faveourite movie. #cher #clueless #fashion #nineties #1990s #matching
...Clueless! Of course.
I've talked to you about it before but dang I suddenly want to be named after a famous singer of the past who now does infomercials. Plaid mini skirts have never felt more right and, well, mini skirts over all has just become a staple of my wardrobe lately along with a quickly escalating number of different dens tights. Woops...?
Latest addition to my skirt collection is a high waisted little number in silver metallic I found at the H&M sale. It's gorgeously unappropriate to wear with everyday designer button down shirts and MC-boots or sling backs. Oh yes.
P.S - Brittany Murphy might just be the most beautiful woman that ever lived.
(I couldn't find my actual skirt online, but this jacquard one isn't half bad either. Also on sale. You're welcome.)

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