moi je joue

This Halloween I'll be going out with some friends clubbing. I love Halloween, it clocks in right after Christmas as my favorite holliday ever!
I celebrated last weekend, like the tradition offers, with family and friends at their old mansion, and let me tell you these people go ALL IN. Tomatogazpacho served from inside a ragged doll? Oh yes. Marinated cauliflower resembling preserved brains? Yum. Dried brown leaves spread through out the entire house? Check.
...You can see why growing up with this leaves its marks. My family did a super-cheesy dress up as "presents". (God I love my family, they're insanely quirky and funny.) But this weekend I figure a big box isn't ideal for dancing and making your way to the bar, so after some thinking I believe I've settled on Brigitte Bardot. Yes, one of the most gorgeous women to ever live might seem ambitious, but I'll take any excuse to pretend to be French! What'll you be going as?

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