you can call me queen bee, and baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, let me live that fantasy

Gina Tricot pants, H&M spaghetti strap top and fringe bag, Charlotte Boix boots, BikBok and Gina bracelets, Oasap(?) faux fur

...We're better than we've every dreamed
And I'm in love with being queen

Guyyyzzzzz, I'm fucking HORRIBLE at blogging! Honestly, I'm busy being a normal teen. I'm doing well in school, I go out partying with my friends(probably too much), dreaming about silly things like love and piercings(kinda the same thing but whatevs whatevs), go shopping(again, probably way too much) and workout. Pilates and yoga mostly. Cause I know yall are wondering. 
The thing that makes me sad about all of this though is that I actually wear pretty non-horrible outfits most of the time, I just don't have the energy nor time to memorialize them in pictures, edit and post them! I really wish I did, I miss blogging and talking to you guys...

P.S - How amazing is Lorde's "Royals"? TOO GREAT.


check check check

Cropped knitted top? Check. Dark heather gray wrap skirt? Double check.
I've been on the look out for a suitable option to go with everything high waisted I own - somehow nothing in my wardrobe was up to task, and thus began the two day hunt.(I freaked out yesterday ten minutes before I was heading over to some friends, ended up with jeans and a tee, pure outfit-battlefield-scar)

I've been checking this knitt out before in white and navy, but habit made me try on one or two sizes bigger than my actual size. This is a size XS and I've learned a valueable lesson; not EVERYTHING is designed for you to buy oversize. Huh. Who would've figured. I still love how in reality it's pretty sleek and narrow over the shoulders despite the drop seem, and overall just the perfect amount of cropped nakedness-feel and chunky hideaway piece without the drown in it factor. Such a perfect fit. This picture doesn't do it justice one bit. Damn.
The wrap skirt is also gorgeous, this one was wrongly stitched in the side but I got a good one. Don't you worry children.

Shop the look:
(I couldn't find the actual knitt online but this one from H&M is a pretty acceptable replacement.)

superb candied almonds statement

(Gina Tricot spaghetti strap top & cap, H&M New Icons lace up shorts, old faux fur-thing, BikBok 70 den tights, Scorett boots, Mango trash-bag-look-a-like-but-still-just-a-bag, random jewelry)


safety pin and buckles

(Vintage wool kilt/skirt/thingy, BikBok 70 den tights, Gina Tricot spaghetti strap top, H&M oversized bikermodel jacket and bag) matched with Scorett black MC boots
This was an outfit I really really loved. After watching Clueless two days in a row, tartan skirts were unavoidable and a must, and this double-belted, huge safety pinned slice of heaven was up to task. I love how akward it is trying to cram down top-hems in it since it goes well up to my ribs. Can't wait to wear it with a tight white tshirt. The oversized MC jacket and black boots along with a cutsie bun updo(blog slang for why-the-fuck-is-my-hair-possessed-by-satan) balanced it perfectly beween Tokyo-school girl and grunge. 
I wish I'd gotten pics of it head to feet but hey, a girl and her relative tripod virginity can only do so much. I'll be sure to wear something similar very soon though.

do you feel what you're not supposed to feel

(BikBok turtleneck sweater, Gina Tricot raw hem cut off leather mini, H&M 80 den tights, vintage silver bag and shoes are a wardrobe find. very random rings)
I was trying to hunt down my thigh-high suede boots that has been long lost in the sea of shoes that is the countless number of bags in our basement, but I found THESE instead. They have some Chinese labeling on them and I have no clue where they originally originated from, hence the very mysterious description. Hmmmm... I actually think I have these in cognac too, somewhere.
 My hair was accidentally going for this Brigitte Bardot-look this day(before the wind get it's hands on it, pffft), and as a girl with hopelessly flat and pin-straight hair, I kinda felt the responsibility against my peers to embrace it. So I slapped on some winged eyeliner and nude lipstick before hitting the ICA-store in 5 inch heels wearing a sequined cross body bag and a leather mini. Now this is a small town but I've been breaking everyone in inch by inch and sequin by sequin, and I doubt anyone even notices me strolling about only carrying whipped spray soy cream and canned pineapple in own juice anymore. Cool and pretty sad but mostly rad.
PS - I'll stop talking soon but let's just have a quiet second for the fact that I'm wearing tights that actually are appropriate outside my ice cream-eating & Sex and the City-watching bedroom empire. And they didn't break. Hell yeah.

slip your shoes on and then out you crawl into a day that couldn't give you more

(Gina Tricot knitted cardigan & spaghetti strap top, H&M baggy jeans, old scarf and fringe bag, Scorett boots, vintage bracelets)
Roaming the streets hunting for wearable basics-with-a-twist taking multiple victims on a Saturday afternoon. Dressed in spaghetti straps, dangerously low slung jeans, heels and an 80's spiked bracelet. Understanding the ways of boys showing half of their asses/underwear, and, you know, the secrets of the starshine-sparkly universe.
Also my hair is wet not disgusting. Sry sry.

a hot apple cider kind of fairytale

(Patriots t-shirt thrift find, Cubus manchester bell bottoms, Riverland vintage boots, H&M bag, Pull & Bear jacket)
This is what I wore for the event of roaming around Öland for the art-night and the autumn harvest festival. It's a huge local thing happening here each September that I actually hadn't ever visited until last night - and now I find it kind of hard to describe the feeling you get stuffing your bag with extra socks and knitted mittens, driving through cornfields around midnight, passing by random funfairs with blinking carrousels, stopping at galleries and local farmers' markets seemingly out in nowhere crammed with happy people. A lot of candles(EVERYWHERE, I'm 99% sure there were people lurking in the bushes with matches ready to re-candle every light that dared go out, there's no other resonable explanation to the hundreds of candles and torches), pumpkins, creativity in all shapes and hot apple cider.

From now on, this will be an annual thing. Period.

Oh - the clothes, the clothes... I am equal parts ashamed and proud that these are my favorite comfy-pants ever. It's weird how manchester flared pants always seems appropriate in my world. 
Apple/pear bonanza.

Hot appel with ginger and black pepper under candle stars

I went without makeup and by the end of the night I felt like the bright-eyed-pink-cheeked protagonist of an Austin novel. 

Paper-thin porcelain lanterns were everywhere.

Visiting the Capella Garden school feels sort of like walking into a fairytale. A ceramics, textile, carpentry, all organic, garden, apple, walnut honey etc fairytale that smells like mintchocolate/lime/nutmeg scented geranium. The students are so gifted that you leave feeling slightly inferior yet humble to their genius. 

Also I left smelling like rosemary lotion and buckthorn oil, munching on big squares of mint chocolate(yes that's a big favorite) and planning to steal their amazingly perfect recipe for spicy hot apple beverages.
It's a very specific kind of evening when you spend it in someones barn out in nowhere, dressed in flared manchester pants, with a band playing on an old Volkswagen truck, eating soup served in papermugs and drinking hot apple cider because it just goes with everything.

Yeah... I doubt I even remotely caught the magic that was last night. Loved it so much.

i used to know the name of every person i'd kissed

(JC maxi skirt, Zara W&B Collection sweater, Scorett ankle boots, old bag, random jewelry)

the little voices in your head at night, so you can dance until the morning light

(Indiska beaded and embellished tunic, Zara silk pajamaish pants, vintage silver clutch, Scorett boots, BikBok small golden feather necklace)

Dressed in grunge from the waist down and going for some Bollywood/hippie-style with the rest. Awesome.
I LOVE the final of Kalmar FSW, always! Last year I went all dressed in black to accept my "Fashion Blogger of 2013"-award, this year I wanted to keep things low key(as low key as you can keep it in bright orange and sequins which is not so very) and just go with the flow and enjoy the evening. It's such a fun and casual event, and I love how people go all out with the gala-outfits. So good.

Klädd i grunge från midjan ner och någon form av Bollywood/hippie-stil för resten. Grymt.
Jag ÄLSKAR finalen av Kalmar Fashion Week, varje gång! Förra året var jag klädd helt i svart för att acceptera mitt "Årets Modebloggare"-pris, det här året ville jag hålla saker mer low key(så low key du kan hålla det i klarorangeat och paljetter vilket inte är särskilt low key alls) och bara följa med strömmen och njuta av kvällen. Det är ett sådant kul och avslappnat event, och jag älskar att alla går all in med gala-utstyrsel. Så bra.

(You know it's a fancy event when there are real glass-glass)

Obviously it doesn't matter whether I'm out clubbing or going to fashion shows because somehow I'll always end up at McDonald's sticky-floor-late chugging down diet cokes and munching on french fries with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Uppenbarligen spelar det ingen roll om jag är ute och dansar eller går på mode shower för jag kommer ändå sluta upp på McDonald's klibbigt-golv-sent klunkandes cola light och mumsandes på pommes med sötsur dippsås.

Drinking coke like the queen of England probably would/does
(Gina Tricot coat & fuzzy cap, Dyrberg/Kern x BikBok ring, Abbey Road lennon glasses)
Remember it's ok to eat french fries off the floor if you do it within three seconds of dropping it. If it's another persons then don't eat it.

night light streets

(Sisley brown leather dress, old cross-body bag, H&M sunglasses, Jimmy Choo for H&M studded boots)

Going out celebrating my sister the other night at the number one hipter-crowded club in town called for the most leatherish dress and glittery shoes I owned; you're all familiar with the Jimmy Choos I fought so fearlessly for at eBay. Let's consider this the first of many, MANY outfits to demonstrate their versatility. These babies go with everything.

När vi skulle fira min syster härom kvällen på stadens nummer ett hipster-befolkade club visste jag att jag behövde den mest lädriga(är det ens ett ord) klänning och glittriga skor jag äger; ni är alla bekanta med mina Jimmy Choos jag slogs så orädd för på Tradera. Vi kan räkna det här som den första av många, MÅNGA outfits som demonstrerar deras mångsidighet. De här snyggingarna går med allt.

grape juice

( Monki pencil skirt, Weekday nude knit, Zara W&B Collection chunky sweater, H&M sunglasses and bag, Skopunkten low boots )
Den här boxiga, oformliga tröjan från Zara har varit en favorit som inte kommit till användning förrän nu. Den perfekta kombinationen av elegant och sloppy. Wow vad länge sen det var jag tog en outfit-bild ..