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Standard lobes, upper lobe, and helix. Hanging earrings from BikBok.
 I'm obsessed with piercings - if I had it my way, I'd be pierced all over. An eyebrow barbell has been my dream for too long, but I'm def freaked out with the whole your-body-rejecting-it part. The last couple of months I've been eyeing a nose piercing or septum pretty good too though, but I doubt it'd suit me, and I'm too changeable to really allow myself piercings or tattoos, unless I can remove them whenever I want without them leaving scars. The 18-year-old five year old has spoken! Besides I wouldn't be able to ever be satisfied - I'd just want more and more and more...
Right now I want to add a lower cartilage to my left ear, or maybe another upper lobe, and a tragus to my right, but yes, honestly I doubt I'd be able to stop, and I'm so pleased with the four I have. And the cartilage ones takes SUCH AN EFFIN LONG TIME to heal. I JUST started sleeping on my right again! Man.
I really like the whole concept of marking your body and making it feel even more like you, you know, it's very appealing to me.
 But dreams are OK, and dream I shall:
love the nose ring
Industrial, daith, tragus, rook, helix, inner conch & snug. SOMEDAY.
日本ブログ cool nose ring
eyebrow piercing | Eyebrow Piercing FAQ 
Probably one of my favorite piercing pictures ever.
J. Colby Smith piercing

Piercings...love the little flowers who said they couldn't be elegant? This is so pretty

superb candied almonds statement

(Gina Tricot spaghetti strap top & cap, H&M New Icons lace up shorts, old faux fur-thing, BikBok 70 den tights, Scorett boots, Mango trash-bag-look-a-like-but-still-just-a-bag, random jewelry)


a hot apple cider kind of fairytale

(Patriots t-shirt thrift find, Cubus manchester bell bottoms, Riverland vintage boots, H&M bag, Pull & Bear jacket)
This is what I wore for the event of roaming around Öland for the art-night and the autumn harvest festival. It's a huge local thing happening here each September that I actually hadn't ever visited until last night - and now I find it kind of hard to describe the feeling you get stuffing your bag with extra socks and knitted mittens, driving through cornfields around midnight, passing by random funfairs with blinking carrousels, stopping at galleries and local farmers' markets seemingly out in nowhere crammed with happy people. A lot of candles(EVERYWHERE, I'm 99% sure there were people lurking in the bushes with matches ready to re-candle every light that dared go out, there's no other resonable explanation to the hundreds of candles and torches), pumpkins, creativity in all shapes and hot apple cider.

From now on, this will be an annual thing. Period.

Oh - the clothes, the clothes... I am equal parts ashamed and proud that these are my favorite comfy-pants ever. It's weird how manchester flared pants always seems appropriate in my world. 
Apple/pear bonanza.

Hot appel with ginger and black pepper under candle stars

I went without makeup and by the end of the night I felt like the bright-eyed-pink-cheeked protagonist of an Austin novel. 

Paper-thin porcelain lanterns were everywhere.

Visiting the Capella Garden school feels sort of like walking into a fairytale. A ceramics, textile, carpentry, all organic, garden, apple, walnut honey etc fairytale that smells like mintchocolate/lime/nutmeg scented geranium. The students are so gifted that you leave feeling slightly inferior yet humble to their genius. 

Also I left smelling like rosemary lotion and buckthorn oil, munching on big squares of mint chocolate(yes that's a big favorite) and planning to steal their amazingly perfect recipe for spicy hot apple beverages.
It's a very specific kind of evening when you spend it in someones barn out in nowhere, dressed in flared manchester pants, with a band playing on an old Volkswagen truck, eating soup served in papermugs and drinking hot apple cider because it just goes with everything.

Yeah... I doubt I even remotely caught the magic that was last night. Loved it so much.

the little voices in your head at night, so you can dance until the morning light

(Indiska beaded and embellished tunic, Zara silk pajamaish pants, vintage silver clutch, Scorett boots, BikBok small golden feather necklace)

Dressed in grunge from the waist down and going for some Bollywood/hippie-style with the rest. Awesome.
I LOVE the final of Kalmar FSW, always! Last year I went all dressed in black to accept my "Fashion Blogger of 2013"-award, this year I wanted to keep things low key(as low key as you can keep it in bright orange and sequins which is not so very) and just go with the flow and enjoy the evening. It's such a fun and casual event, and I love how people go all out with the gala-outfits. So good.

Klädd i grunge från midjan ner och någon form av Bollywood/hippie-stil för resten. Grymt.
Jag ÄLSKAR finalen av Kalmar Fashion Week, varje gång! Förra året var jag klädd helt i svart för att acceptera mitt "Årets Modebloggare"-pris, det här året ville jag hålla saker mer low key(så low key du kan hålla det i klarorangeat och paljetter vilket inte är särskilt low key alls) och bara följa med strömmen och njuta av kvällen. Det är ett sådant kul och avslappnat event, och jag älskar att alla går all in med gala-utstyrsel. Så bra.

(You know it's a fancy event when there are real glass-glass)

Obviously it doesn't matter whether I'm out clubbing or going to fashion shows because somehow I'll always end up at McDonald's sticky-floor-late chugging down diet cokes and munching on french fries with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Uppenbarligen spelar det ingen roll om jag är ute och dansar eller går på mode shower för jag kommer ändå sluta upp på McDonald's klibbigt-golv-sent klunkandes cola light och mumsandes på pommes med sötsur dippsås.

Drinking coke like the queen of England probably would/does
(Gina Tricot coat & fuzzy cap, Dyrberg/Kern x BikBok ring, Abbey Road lennon glasses)
Remember it's ok to eat french fries off the floor if you do it within three seconds of dropping it. If it's another persons then don't eat it.

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