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Standard lobes, upper lobe, and helix. Hanging earrings from BikBok.
 I'm obsessed with piercings - if I had it my way, I'd be pierced all over. An eyebrow barbell has been my dream for too long, but I'm def freaked out with the whole your-body-rejecting-it part. The last couple of months I've been eyeing a nose piercing or septum pretty good too though, but I doubt it'd suit me, and I'm too changeable to really allow myself piercings or tattoos, unless I can remove them whenever I want without them leaving scars. The 18-year-old five year old has spoken! Besides I wouldn't be able to ever be satisfied - I'd just want more and more and more...
Right now I want to add a lower cartilage to my left ear, or maybe another upper lobe, and a tragus to my right, but yes, honestly I doubt I'd be able to stop, and I'm so pleased with the four I have. And the cartilage ones takes SUCH AN EFFIN LONG TIME to heal. I JUST started sleeping on my right again! Man.
I really like the whole concept of marking your body and making it feel even more like you, you know, it's very appealing to me.
 But dreams are OK, and dream I shall:
love the nose ring
Industrial, daith, tragus, rook, helix, inner conch & snug. SOMEDAY.
日本ブログ cool nose ring
eyebrow piercing | Eyebrow Piercing FAQ 
Probably one of my favorite piercing pictures ever.
J. Colby Smith piercing

Piercings...love the little flowers who said they couldn't be elegant? This is so pretty

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