safety pin and buckles

(Vintage wool kilt/skirt/thingy, BikBok 70 den tights, Gina Tricot spaghetti strap top, H&M oversized bikermodel jacket and bag) matched with Scorett black MC boots
This was an outfit I really really loved. After watching Clueless two days in a row, tartan skirts were unavoidable and a must, and this double-belted, huge safety pinned slice of heaven was up to task. I love how akward it is trying to cram down top-hems in it since it goes well up to my ribs. Can't wait to wear it with a tight white tshirt. The oversized MC jacket and black boots along with a cutsie bun updo(blog slang for why-the-fuck-is-my-hair-possessed-by-satan) balanced it perfectly beween Tokyo-school girl and grunge. 
I wish I'd gotten pics of it head to feet but hey, a girl and her relative tripod virginity can only do so much. I'll be sure to wear something similar very soon though.

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