mary kate and ashley for bikbok, earmuffs

Released today; Earmuffs, MK & A Olsen for BikBok, Collection 02

Gravitating towards preppy things lately, I knew the earmuffs from Mk & Ash's second BikBok-collection were a must. They're so large, so fluffy, so everything-you-could-ever-wish-for-in-earmuffs. Honestly, I hadn't given earmuffs a second thought since I was six and had a bad experience with a pair of foldable ones before this collection, but I feel that I'm ready to forgive and forget now.
They're perfect on those rare days my hair is behaving the way I want it to, so there's no need to kill it with a knitted cap(God bless those too, though). Also, they're cheap! 99 SEK, 10 euros, or about 15 dollars. Pretty good, huh?
pic source bikbok.com

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