check check check

Cropped knitted top? Check. Dark heather gray wrap skirt? Double check.
I've been on the look out for a suitable option to go with everything high waisted I own - somehow nothing in my wardrobe was up to task, and thus began the two day hunt.(I freaked out yesterday ten minutes before I was heading over to some friends, ended up with jeans and a tee, pure outfit-battlefield-scar)

I've been checking this knitt out before in white and navy, but habit made me try on one or two sizes bigger than my actual size. This is a size XS and I've learned a valueable lesson; not EVERYTHING is designed for you to buy oversize. Huh. Who would've figured. I still love how in reality it's pretty sleek and narrow over the shoulders despite the drop seem, and overall just the perfect amount of cropped nakedness-feel and chunky hideaway piece without the drown in it factor. Such a perfect fit. This picture doesn't do it justice one bit. Damn.
The wrap skirt is also gorgeous, this one was wrongly stitched in the side but I got a good one. Don't you worry children.

Shop the look:
(I couldn't find the actual knitt online but this one from H&M is a pretty acceptable replacement.)