Elin Henriksson is a 18 year old award-winning fashion blogger from Sweden. She works as a yoga instructor, loves cute workout clothes as much as she loves BLK DNM's latest collection, is a vegan and definitely almost as weird as she appears.

    "Clumsy in Cashmere" is a play on the fact that she is clumsier than a blind sloth, constantly pairing outfits with bruises and - yes, in some cases - flesh wounds caused by
    a. Tripping over her own feet causing a crack in the ribs
    b. Stabbing herself in the forehead with her nail while brushing back her hair, causing a bloody canyon(true story, yours truly has the battlescars to prove it!)
    c. Miscellaneous situations of head bumping inanimate and unmovable objects, walking into stuff, unexpectedly hitting oneself etc. etc.

    The Cashmere-part was just to appear fancy. I'm a poor student and I buy old comics on e-Bay.

    - Winner of Kalmar Fashion Blogger 2013, official blogger of KLR FSHN WK -13

    © Elin Henriksson / Clumsy in Cashmere / THE GYPSY 2013-2014